Custom Fabrication of a Torque Tube for the Aerospace Industry

A high-tech aerospace client in Philadelphia invited Edgar Industries to produce a 27,000-lb. torque tube to be used in a flight simulator application. We used our Toshiba BF130-B CNC boring mill with rolled 3-inch steel to craft a tube part that was 88.625 OD X 82.500 inches long with perfect-proportioned tolerances. After welding flanges to the tube, we sandblasted the metal and appled primer. All this work was performed and finished within 45 hours.

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Specifications for this Custom Manufactured Torque Tube

Product Description

This torque tube is used within a flight simulator application.
3-inch steel rolled and welded.
Took about 45 hours to manufacture

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Weld Rolled Material
  • Weld Flanges to Tube

Machining (Milling)

  • Sprayed

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part


Overall Part Dimensions

O.D.: 88.625 OD X 82.500 inches long

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

3 inch carbon Steel rolled and welded

Max Material Finish

Sandblasted and painted with primer

In process testing/inspection performed


Estimated Part Weight

27,000 lbs

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Torque Tube

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