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CNC Horizontal Milling of Aluminum Mounting Block Component for the Defense Industry

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CNC Horizontal Milling of Aluminum Mounting Block Component for the Defense Industry

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CNC Horizontal Milling of Aluminum Mounting Block Component for the Defense Industry

PORTFOLIO: Mounting Block

Edgar Industries was asked to improve upon the manufacturing time and efficiency of a particular aluminum mounting block already in production for a DoD application. Our client manufactured 2 blocks at a time, the whole process taking 26 minutes. Through our own examination of customer-supplied print and 2D CAD drawing designs, we developed a production strategy that would speed production without sacrificing design quality.

By way of a MAZAK NEXUS 5000-II horizontal milling machine with a 160 too changer and a two-pallet loader, we were able to build the 6061-T6 aluminum blocks with perfect tolerance range. Using two Chick Work Holding Systems - one mounted on each of the pallets - we were able to machine 4 blocks in under 20 minutes. In addition, we were able to "keep the spindle turning" by loading and unloading one Chick Work Holding System, while the other pallet was in the machining chamber

For other examples of our work for high-tech aerospace and DoD clients, contact Edgar Industries today, or consult our website further.

Specifications for this CNC Milled Aluminum Mounting Block

Product Description   This aluminum mounting block is used for a DoD application Customer manufactured 2 at a time and took 26 minutes. On EDGAR's new MAZAK nexus 500-II using the Chick Work Holding System, we are able to machine 4 in less than 20 minutes.
The Nexus has a two-table loading station, which allows parts to be loaded and off loaded while machining continues.
Capabilities Applied/Processes   Horizontal CNC Milling
  • 4 Parts Per Fixture
  • Less than 5 Minutes Per Part
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part  
MAZAK NEXUS 5000-II Horizontal Milling Machine
  • 160 Tool Changer
  • Two Pallet Loader
Chick Tooling
  • Maximum Work Piece Exposure
  • Quick Changeover
Overall Part Dimensions   4.5 inches X 4.5 inches X 2.0 inches
Tightest Tolerances   NILL
Material Used   6061-T6 Aluminum
Max Material Finish   NILL
In process testing/inspection performed   NORMAL
Industry for Use   Department of Defense
Delivery Location   Saxonburg, Pennsylvania
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD drawing
Product Name   Block Component

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